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    The Finding the Frothers concept came about when I was asked to give a talk on how to have a 'beer with your heroes.'


    I'd just returned from running a workshop in Croatia where I got to meet one of my heroes - Jamie Wheal- Founder Flow Genome Project.


    I'd been recording interviews on Linkedin with my buddies for the 3 months prior and had started to introduce a networking framework that focused as much on existing connections as with connecting with your heroes.


    This sparked a journey to interview the frothers I knew and others that I'd been observing from a-far.


    In our first season, we've interviewed global musicians, elite sportspeople, planetary activists and more.


    All with one thing in common, they froth on what they do, they continue to grow through the froth and have a genuine interest in how the world can be a more connected place.




    The conversations are more than just a chit-chat.


    I believe a good conversation with an inspiring human can actually improve your performance post eargasm.


    You know that feeling you get when you've just connected with someone who inspires you?


    Well, I believe this can be on tap to us all.


    We just need to know where to find it - and one place is this podcast.




    You get a frothy conversation and hopefully we uncover something for each of us. It's also a way to share your message, products, love etc. with my community.




    People who inspire me to be a better human.
    As much as it's about the listeners, it's way more about me and my thirst for flow through epic conversations.




    If you have time - watch the Chandler Stevens episode and do the workshop. 

    This isn't a guarantee that I'll ask you those questions but it's a good frame up for the entire project.


    WHO AM I


    You can read my about section my homepage and feel free to look around further.




    We record either live or via zoom. I will send you the link prior to the chat.




    All episodes are available on all of the usual podcast platforms including iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, PlayerFm etc.


    I convert all the audio files to mp4 format and post on YouTube and Facebook.


    I take snippets from the shows and post them on my social media channels - Linkedin, facebook and instagram.


    I tag you in these posts (please let me know your social tags) and please let me know if you would like the raw files to share yourself.


    All of your social media links are included on the episode page which is hosted at bennywallington.com/blog/yourepisode




    Take a moment to post a review for Finding the Frothers Podcast on iTunes (this is apparently a big deal).


    Make sure it's genuine and has true froth. If my podcast is worth 4 stars, give it 4 - but 5 would be better ;)


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    Comment and engage on any posts I tag you in on social if ya feelin' it.


    Feel free to share any posts you are tagged in.


    Encourage your frothy community to follow me at a time that you see fit.


    I hate how forced a lot of the internet feels, so go with the flow and jam out the way you feel.


    Thanks for taking the time to read this.


    I appreciate you and your attention span,


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