• What I'm Doing Now

    Some of my friends send a quarterly email to their closest friends and family updating them on what they are up to.


    I've decided to do this instead, thanks to inspiration from a mentor of mine Derek Sivers.


    BTW I realise I do too many things, but I'm probably going to be doing way too many things soon and I'm excited about that.


    Mermaid Beach, Queensland

    I never thought I'd say I'm a Queenslander. But here I am and stoked about it. I've found some grounding for the first time since I moved away from London which is refreshing.

    I'm living at Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast in a rad little apartment with my partner Jacqui.


    We've got a private rooftop with the ocean to the East, Mountains to the West and the city skyline to the North. We don't have kids or animals yet, so we take care of our plants. We currently have 9. Life's good.


    We built Reunion off the back of our ‘Vote for the Planet’ campaign which saw 'Climate' the number one searched topic for the first time in Aussie history.

    To work out how this project fits into the overall state of play. Most likely, we need to play with our State.


    I'm currently coaching a few entrepreneurs privately and am released my case study with Denovo Recruitment. The aim is to roll out with a few more businesses in 2019. Currently looking for the right candidates, bearing in mind I only want to work with companies that can scale the impact through their industry and beyond.


    There are many wet-blankets in the business space. Which I've learnt the hard way.


    Women in Leadership

    I just spoke at the Women in Leadership Summit in Melbourne. I'm also cooking up a rural talking/ workshop tour in February with a Newcastle business, which will be exciting to create.


    Finding the Frothers

    I feel guilty that I've recorded so many podcasts and only released 20. But this is what is supposed to happen as is the way with the universe.


    On the lookout for a new intern. Lots of froth to come.



    Thank goodness that was my last trip for the year. Albeit an epic one to connect with my buds from the UK and watch my buds Ross and Jo tie the knot.

    Plan is to try and stay more local next year. With heading to Newkind in January the biggest thing on the cards :)


    Vices and Questions

    I'm piecing together a guide to Vice Optimisation which may be a mini-book, while also writing a book about how to ask better questions with Jacqui. We were aiming to release this for Christmas, but it's going to be longer now. Which is kewl.


    2020 Vision

    I’m prototyping a workshop to help people identify how they want to change in 2020 by aligning a personal goal to a downstream goal to do their bit for the planet. Doing this with Steve and Georgia from my Kokoro team. I'm frothing!  

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