• What I'm Doing Now

    Thanks to inspiration from a mentor of mine Derek Sivers.


    This may also help you if you want to impress me by knowing stuff about me and then I'll be surprised and flattered when we meet up :)


    Mullumbimby, NSW

    I'm living on a magical property.


    We've got a private rooftop and nine plants (no kids or animals) and sometimes we sleep in a tent on the rooftop under the stars.

    I split my time between here and Shambhala Farm on the Sunny Coast where I'm learning how to build a tinyfarm.


    See Private Coaching & Online Programs for more

    At present, I'm coaching privately for several clients. Starting to design a 12month program for 2023 for 20 humans who want to commit to a full year.


    Most of my focus is on the book right now.


    Some of the books I'm reading

    - Dune

    - Below Deck - Sophie Hardcastle (Dylin)

    - Holotropic Breathwork by Stanislav Grof

    - Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer


    These are the things Im' sharing with clients and friends

    Speaking and facilitating

    In weird times

    I've run several workshops in Melbourne on how to have better conversations with Steve and am running one for Griffith University with Matty coming up.

    Am loving my work on the land and running Men's regen days with my buddy Seth.

    If you want me to create something for you or do one of my standard jams hit the contact button.


    Finding the Frothers

    I'm hosting Signature Sound with Steve and Leslie.


    Also hosting on the Positive Prime podcast with Kim.


    And listening to lots of The Emerald. Josh is coming to stay at my place very soon.


    Paid and for the froth of it

    Check out my medium page for all my writing and poetry.


    Switching to Substack for this 'Was it Worth it' book.

    I'm also supporting a mate with his email campaigns because he's a frother.

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