• What I'm Doing Now

    Some of my buds send a quarterly email to their closest friends and family updating them on what they are up to.


    I've decided to do this instead, thanks to inspiration from a mentor of mine Derek Sivers.


    This may help you if you want to impress me by knowing stuff about me and then I'll be surprised and flattered when we meet up :)


    Mermaid Beach, Queensland

    I never thought I'd say I'm a Queenslander. But here I am and stoked about it. I've found some grounding for the first time since I moved away from London which is refreshing.

    I'm living at Mermaid Beach on the Gold Coast in a rad little apartment with my partner Jacqui.


    We've got a private rooftop with the ocean to the East, Mountains to the West and the city skyline to the North. We don't have kids or animals yet, so we take care of our plants. We currently have 9.


    At present, I'm currently coaching entrepreneurs and business folk in Australia, Europe, and North America privately.

    I don't necessarily seek out these people but they tend to be the ones reaching out.


    My focus in 2020 is helping Gold Coast local people, community and businesses thrive. I'm involved with Surf Life Saving on the Coast and a few other volunteer groups so am aiming to start here.

    I have released my case study with Denovo Recruitment. So am looking for other businesses of this size.


    While I want to focus local face to face, I'm also in the early stages of building a youtube channel. Feel free to check it out next time you're on YT.


    We built Reunion off the back of our ‘Vote for the Planet’ campaign which made 'Climate' the number one searched topic for the first time in Aussie history.


    Half a million people hit our site and that was with nil media budget. Just genuine humans who gave a fuck.


    I'm not one for politics so this was an attempt to take the politicians out of an election and vote for the future of humanity.


    After six months of planning and in the wake of the recent fires and other natural disasters, we developed a program called RiseUP. We've just had our first 50 people graduate and I'm excited about where this is headed for Australia and for the Planet.


    If you're interested hit the above link


    I'm mid-program, facilitating with two of Australia's best Performance Coaches - Steve Brophy and Georgia Ellis.


    You{R}evolution is three months long and is an alternative to the standard New Years Resolution. This is an intimate, driven group and our next intake will be starting around April, May if you're interested.


    Women in Leadership

    I spoke at the Women in Leadership Summit in Melbourne in late 2019 which was a cracking experience. Looking forward to more gigs like this in 2020.


    I'm also doing my first stand up routine tonight on the Gold Coast... TBC 


    Finding the Frothers

    23 released. 27 to go in the first season.


    On the lookout for a new intern too. Let me know if you know anybody. Lots of froth to come.


    Vices and Questions

    I'm piecing together a guide to Vice Optimisation which may be a mini-book, while also writing a book about how to ask better questions with Jacqui. We were aiming to release this for mid-year.

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