• Interested in Uncovering your Radness?

    I'm a qualified Peak Performance Coach and focus on people who want to challenge themselves to be better.

    Note: You have to be able to laugh at yourself otherwise we won't get along ;)


    I've now coached over 400 humans in groups and as individuals worldwide, ranging from miners and comedians to C-Level executives and 7 figure+ entrepreneurs.

    And while they're all just titles,

    I'm more interested in your motivations for wanting to change and what you will do with the extra potential.


    Where will the extra fucks you have to give go?


    Who do you want to become?


    And why am I different...


    My secret sauce is starting with Vice Optimisation (See video below)

    and transitioning you into a Flow-Based Lifestyle.



    Email benny@101tokens.com

  • Testimonials

    Confidential video testimonial conversations with my clients are available upon request.



    Director - Minneapolis, USA

    "Benny's coaching has allowed me to step back from my current habits and into a new space of thriveability. I was able to find the time to release a side-project I'd been working on for over three years as well as hit product deadlines with our company."


    C-Level Executive - Brisbane, Australia

    "Working with Benny isn't just about changing habits. This is a whole new me. This is Ben 2.0."


    Serial Entrepreneur - Vancouver, Canada

    "I run five businesses and Benny has given me one to two days worth of productivity back per week."

  • Accreditation

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    Flow Genome Project


    The Flow Genome Project under Director Jamie Wheal are world-leaders in Performance coaching - working with the likes of Google, the US Navy Seals and Red Bull. I finished 'Top 3' in a cohort of epic coaches.