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    Was It Worth It?

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    About me


    My real name is Benjamin Wallington,


    Not sure why I needed such a long English name considering I’m approximately 57% Aussie bogan.


    I prefer Benny and in 2014, I found myself in South London learning in a church.

    In the bottom of the church was a bar.

    In the middle was a chapel for marriages, nun parties and other religious events.

    And at the top,

    a radical loft space.


    And in that loft I was studying creative advertising



    The best creative school

    in the world.


    One day a man came in to speak about another man.


    The second man was Howard Luck Gossage: A humble warrior in the advertising industry

    who’d had an epiphany.


    "Fuck selling Coca-cola, the world needs my brain for something more." 

    Paraphrasing there ;)


    'Fuck yeah' I thought.

    I ditched the Ad industry and joined a start-up raising money and support for projects the world needed.

    I cut my teeth on campaigns for animal conservation, disabled athletes, homelessness and rare diseases.


    And there’s one thing I forgot to mention...


    I loved to party*.


    From 15- 29, Drinking was the other 43% of my personality.

    Drinking raged into the night with Bogan.

    They were fun, funny but also


    down-right fucked.

    Sound familiar?


    So at 29.25 years old, when I found myself out of the job I loved and floundering to get a charity off the ground.

    Life was in a spiral.

    My epiphany:


    Look after myself before I could even attempt to look out for anyone else.


    So I changed my drinking habits and started something called 101 Tokens.


    The long and short of it was...


    Every time I’d drink alcohol I asked myself the next day ‘was it worth it?’

    Over the past couple of years, people in 76 different countries have asked themselves was it worth it too.

    About 95,000 times.

    We’ve saved jobs, relationships and even lives.


    Pretty cool.


    More recently I turbo-charged my affinity with health / life optimisation by graduating with Distinction (first time for me) as a Peak Performance Coach with the Flow Genome Project.


    Turns out flowstates are the other end of the drinking spectrum.

    YES you can use booze for performance.


    Even more recently, I'm writing a book on all of this.


    So if you're interested in learning more, I've been practicing this drinking stuff for almost 7 years, you can get some of my best stuff here...


    If you want to book me, or explore private coaching I offer a 45 exploration call.
    Anything more than that we can discuss.


    And you can catch some of my finest work on this youtube channel.


    Cheers (literally),


    PS. I have a Now page which is about all the stuff I'm doing now, pending when I update it.

    * I still love to party, I just do it in a way that is conducive to a fuck yeah attitude.

    My buddy Luke calls it 'Steady Ripping'.


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    Tim Wallwork

    Brown Forman

    "Benny carries his community ethos into his workshops; the experience is super-engaging, non-judgmental, positive and encouraging. It's such a good fit with what we're trying to do with our employees, which is to simply give them pause and space to think".

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    Michelle Case

    Remote Year

    Benny lead a workshop for Remote Year, a program for professionals who travel the world while working. His quick-wit & banter ensured the group stayed engaged & really absorbed the material. Our session was very interactive and truly a delight! I’d highly recommend Benny as a work-shop leader on any subject he is a passionate about. He is a natural presenter & very talented.

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    Clinton Schultz

    Psychologist and founder of Sobah Beverages

    As a health psychologist, I understand the detrimental impact alcohol misuse and overuse is having on everyday Australian's. Benny has created a powerful movement that assists Australians to form a healthier relationship with and practice of drinking. I can see it being of great benefit to many Australians who would like to establish a healthier relationship with alcohol.

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  • I build optimised lifestyles for entrepreneurs

    and high achievers



    & the secret weapon...



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