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Ep001: Brett Robbo

Anchoring into Pride and Pelican Froth with

· Sport,Peak Performance,Coach,Mindset
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Brett Robbo has been a true frother in my life for the past two years


A high performance trainer for elite athletes and mindset coach for elite thinkers, he inspires everyone through his passion for human potential and is on a mission to help 100's of thousands of people realise it.

In this episode we discuss some of his favourite techniques for accessing peak performance and who and what gets him frothing for success.

I've even got a cheeky clip he left me on my voicemail, expressing gratitude for connecting him with a frother friend of mine.

It's the perfect start on this journey and we are absolutely frothing to have you with us.

Show Notes:

Finding the Frothers Playlist:


Connect with Brett Robbo:








Connect with Benny:










Benny on Robbo's Podcast:


Benny's Day Job / Baby - 101 Tokens


Frothy Notes:


Will.I.Am - That Power ft Beibs


Hilltop Hoods - Cosby Sweater


Yolanda Be Cool & D Cup - Sugarman


Athlete James (Jimmy) Turner:


Nam Baldwin on Robbo's podcast:


Radical video on Mick Fanning's career:


Heath Ledger in Two Hands - classic


Jim Carrey Doco


Dr Joe Dispenza


Richard Branson TED interview


Rebecca Veksler and the delightful Sol Cups