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Ep:019 Bec Rowe


· health,Peak Performance,Sport,fitness

Bec is a champion of the office athlete and the underdog. An authentic voice in the social space and a gem of a human.

This episode was a bunch of fun, lots of laughs and also insights into the world of embodiment and how to transition into a frothier version of yourself.

Some of the radical topics we cover are:

  • The power of 10 day silent retreats
  • How anyone can run a marathon with the right mindset
  • Bec’s version of Vice Optimisation and traffic lights for success

We also crank out a bit of philosophy and go on a journey to the future for a romantic philosophical conversation with two of the world’s best thinkers/ frothers.

PS. Frothers always autocorrects to brothers. In this case the computer is wise beyond its years.

Enjoy brothers and sisters!

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