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Ep:018 Seth Lawrence

Connecting with our hearts and our balls

· flow,health,experience,travel,community

Seth Lawrence is a man on a journey: A creator of communities both online and offline, he spends much of his time working in the space of empowering and unlocking the potential of men.

He runs Secret Mens Business and facilitates a wide-range of workshops from breathe work to sound healing and movement.

We discuss the importance of Men’s circles for the modern man and if you’re on the fence an easy way into it.

This episode dives into:

- Rituals, ancestors and the power of circle.

- Using the power of social media to manifest powerful connections

- Focusing on relationships with oneself before the other.

And because you listened today! We've thrown in a bonus breath work meditation, led by Seth himself.  

Check it, you won't regret it.

How to connect with Seth:-

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