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EP:021 Rhyan Grant

Mullets and Livin' La Vida Lairy

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Strap yourself in Legends for Socceroo and my favourite mullet-wielding Frother Rhyan Grant.


Rhyno, as he is affectionately known, is a humble larrikin and chiller from way back. Preferring reality over the potential trap that is professional sport, this conversation is really just a chinwag that Rhyan and I would have over a skewy at the pub.


But, that's the whole point of podcasting in the first place ;)


In this episode we jam on:


  • Getting a little lairy on the Gram -
  • How sport is an easy second to frothing (living it up)
  • Family as a source of fuel for success
  • Cross-code fanboying


Rhyan likes to get amongst it and you could say it's football in the front, party in the back.


A self-proclaimed 'Full-time Derrick'


Get amongst the radness of Rhyan Grant.


Connect with his froth:


or @rhyangrant

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