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Ep:022 Chandler Stevens

Finding the Frothers - Workshop Live

· Peak Performance,Sport,Entrepreneur,fitness,Workshop

This is an extra-special episode and actually a chance for you - my frothy listener - to have a crack at my Finding the Frothers Workshop.


The Workshop is also known as 'How to have a beer with your heroes' and it will help you do just that!


If you'd like to complete the workshop itself, you'll need a pen and a paper (or whatever you use as a pen and paper) and that's pretty much it.


You will come away with the Frothers which will turbo-charge your purpose / mission and contact the people to get you there.


And the legendary dude in the workshop - Chandler Stevens.


A new buddy of mine who I met through the Baby Bathwater group.


A bit about Chandler and what we discuss.


  • His work driving the connection between body and mind practice
  • How his movement as metaphor is getting "eery results", I'd say lairy ;)
  • Why Hate mail is f*cken awesome
  • One of the most powerful moustaches on the planet.


Chandler knows which direction he's heading and now he knows who the Frothers are to take him there.


Let me know who your 7 Deadly Frothers are at and I can send you more if you're interested.


How to connect with Chandler's froth:

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