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Ep. 26 Dan Kurlapski

Emergent Online Festivals

· Entrepreneur,Mindset,heal,festival,flow

Dan Kurlapski is a social entrepreneur, deep thinker and all-round frother.


Founder of iMove Physiotherapy and the Yes & movement, we discuss new ways of doing, being and even hugging in strange times.


With Dan's Yes & Festival having to shift from physical to digital we chat about what this looks like and how it's of use for anyone who may have to do the same. Plus an open invite to come play with us in a few weeks.


Frothy Topics:


  • Holding space and psychological safety online
  • Why we don't need to be serious ever - play baby!
  • New ways to connect and practices to get involved today


Dan thinks on his feet and has this freakish ability to take on new information, blaze a trail with it and then invite everyone else along for the ride.


Engage the leap muscle and join us for said ride.


Come play at


and for more info on reunion visit

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