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Ep:25 Rob Campbell

Hyper-Realism & Daily Dance Rituals

· Music,Entrepreneur,art,flow

Rob Campbell is a maddog and as an ode to his legendary music skills I've dropped a few tracks into this episode.

One was a feature of Rob's ripping New Years adventure and the other is from his band The Nights, who tick so many boxes for my ear holes: nostalgia, drive and froth to name a few.

He's also a teacher, an entrepreneur and one of those guys you hang out with and instantly feel inspired and calm at the same time.

Resonance and a radical ability to invite you into his mind, his cadence, one might say quantisation (Learnt that word from Rob).

This ep may tickle ya C chord as we discuss:

  • Why you should boogie in the morning
  • Art as a common language for us all
  • How Rob plans to ignore the Dalai Lama

Peddle to the metal band. YEW

How to find Rob:

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