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Ep. 28 Matt Kendall

Information ecology and kindred communities

· Mindset,Media,flow,positive impact,heal

Matty Kendall is one of Australia's leading strategists and thinkers and I'm stoked to share the wisdom that I get access to most days of the week with you fine listeners.

He built his company Fromm after breaking away from the archaic advertising model with validation coming in the from of a viral blog post.

We centre this discussion on the topic of sense making and cultivating a healthy, thriving information ecology. And if that sounds like jibberish, Matty will walk you through it, more like tap dance your way through the garden.

When we jam together we tend to build on each others insights and this chat is no different.

In this dive down the Information rabbit hole and discuss:

  • The go-to sources for balanced info in unbalanced times
  • Why the time is now to prototype that idea - and how
  • Thy a Kindred community is what your world needs

One of Matt's core abilities is to turn the English language into poetry and I hope you find many golden nuggets in among the conversation.

We could speak for days. But here's a meaty hour.

Some resources:

It's also important to note that if you'd like to join our Rise Up program. Please check out

One last thing, we jam on parliament and how out-dated and childish the current setup is. While some of this has changed since recording, most of the comments still hold true. ;)