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Ep. 29 Billy Otto

Riding the Waves of Lyrical Activism

· artist,activism,flow,Music,heal

Billy Otto is a musician, activist, waterman, poet and all-round great human.

Most recently he cowrote and performed the banger ‘Can’t take the Ocean out of me’ in collaboration with Patagonia - proving to be a catalyst in the Fight for the Bite campaign.

Which we won!

Billy says he is an eternal learner and we discuss what it’s like to be always hungry to sharpen the sword inside and outside the studio.

Some additional frothy topics we jam on:

  • How to support independent artists through this tough period
  • Why loving your craft wins above all else
  • How to discover your frothy places in nature to super-charge your day.

I mention in the episode that I have Billy’s songs in my head a lot. It’s one thing for music to make you smile, but to have your buddy in your head who brings such light and legendariness to our existence on the planet.

Peaking with a grin from ear to ear. how's that for a not so hidden pun.

Through Billy, I discovered that a conversation can be a superpower if you set your day up around them.

And this episode is an example.

PS. Give it a try and let me know how you go.

Enjoy as much as I did and with a whole lot of heart, soul and rock n roll from the one and only - Billy Otto.


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