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Ep.32 Darren Bruce

Owning emotion & frothing through isolation

· Entrepreneur,coach,fitness,flow

Once upon a time in Lockdown, two buddies decided to get together for a yarn about WTF was going on in the world and how we could come together to thrive in uncertain times…

Darren Bruce is a mindset aficionado, elite performance coach, emotional healing specialist and most certainly a frother. He guides everyone from SAS troops to business power-couples and entrepreneurs looking to tap into the root causes of why and how they show up in the world. Uncovering their true purpose and magic in the process.

In this frothy ep, we discuss:

  • The importance of finding your SAS troupe for group flow
  • Positivity/ froth for getting unstuck in times of isolation
  • How magic can drop in for all of us - if we believe it can.

Personally I’ve gained so much from having Darren in my frothosphere and he’s helped me through some tough times as well as explore maximising the positives in the good ones.

I’m sure you’ll get as much of a buzz out of this episode as I did.


If you want to connect with him seek him out on

FB -

Insta @darrenjbruce