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Ep.31 Sara Rickards

Composting your life and unicorn cake

· Entrepreneur,posit,Coach,conservation

Once upon a time…


There was an interview that featured a worldly frother of the highest order.


Fuckgiver by name,


Fuckgiver by nature.


Sara Rickards is at the forefront of rogue radness and neo-activism.


Her previous life as a scientist and subsequent affinity with data has lead her through the nerd forest and into the hearts of all who get the privilege to hang with her.


Some would say it’s no longer the data that she seeks, but the hearta.


Within this tale there is exploration of a call to arms (meaning more hugs) for how we can connect on a deeper level as humans,


What sacred currencies could emerge out of this current pickle,


How to sit in nature and ask big questions - like how to compost your life.


With something for all,


You’ll find poetry with a double-ended dildo


and a deep-dive into poo as a vital sauce of life.


If unicorn cake is your jam or you’ve have been curious about how you can give more fucks, then this theatrical conversation is for you.


If you’re easily offended or a boring can’t, then carry on scrolling.


Lastly, if you desire to send a sacred scroll AKA letter to Sara please let me know and we can get it arranged.


And please leave reviews - good and insights for improvement - all welcome.


Contact Sara:





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