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Ep016: Rob Gronbeck


Rob Gronbeck is an Aussie sports psychologist x Tetris Champion x Brain fanatic x Flow Aficionado.

Founder of the Brain Room, Rob spends most of his time in a curious space between data and feeling, inspiring his clients and people across the country to do the same.

This episode was shot live on site in a hot tub infinity pool among the California redwoods, just after we'd spent four days immersing ourselves with one of the biggest frothers on the planet - Jamie Wheal, Director of the Flow Genome Project.

Rob and I became fast friends and this episode will allow you to pier into his mind and soul with a few ROFLcopoters launching along the way.

We cover:

- Experimentation and the power of 'Yes And.'

- Mind Pushups and why we need more brain rooms over regular gyms.

- Finding flow triggers and playing with them

- Leaning into the unknown to uncover blindspots

This is rad. You'll love Rob 'Sexy Bear' Gronbeck.

Find out more about him at:

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