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Ep015: Kid Francescoli

Music, moments and magical melodies

· music,experience,routine,artist

Wow, Mathieu Hocine or better known as Kid Francescoli, this is an episode with feeling.

We explore music, art, life, routine, magic and beautiful moments which can occur all the time if we allow them to.

We talk about how our influencers and the frothers in our lives can change over time, but there are all time classic frothers that can trigger us to be and feel our best.

Some of the bangers we discuss:

  • How an intern mindset can be the secret to success

  • Drawing strength from past frothers just before we drop into our flow

  • What it is to be a frontman or woman on any stage

  • How to pier into musical moments and find deeper connections with your heroes.

There’s a cheeky Daft Punk Alive 07’ reference in there for anyone who was lucky to see that global tour.

This is a cracking episode and close to, if not my favourite.

Enjoy and I know you will love it.

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