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Ep004: Mitch Garling

Laughing through the pain and idolising Beckham

· comedy
Mitch Garling is one of Australia’s brightest upcoming Comedians and the first time I got to see him perform was after the wake of My Nan’s funeral.

Not something you would normally associate with funerals, but we unpack how comedy can be a powerful tool for froth in the face of death.

This episode swings from our love of football, musical jams and new found love of the place we grew up and how the Central Coast of New South Wales is amazing.

He’s performed at most of the big fringe festivals and is a regular at the infamous comedy store, while also appearing in some rad short flicks in the process.

re clear as funk, the froth is genuine and we had a good time.

Live from my Mum’s house at Wamberal on the Central Coast, check out Mitch Garling!


Finding the Frothers Playlist:

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Frothy Notes:

Comedy bits:

Jim Jefferies – Gun Control

John Mulaney - Horse in a Hospital

David Beckham – Best 10 goal (GTFO!)

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