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Ep009: Ollie Matthews

The future of entrepreneurial health

· health,Peak Performance,Entrepreneur

Ollie J Matthews is a holistic health coach to the stars of the entrepreneurial world, he's a best selling author (The One Day Body Upgrade) and all-round rad dude.

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And my favourite thing about Ollie is that he doesn't just preach from behind the computer, he actually goes down into the trenches, visiting his clients in their home towns.

When he gets there he asks them many questions - but the coolest one in my book is 'How do you have fun?'

In this episode we talk about why it's important to go that extra step to get the results that highly successful people demand.

We discuss out love for Manchester United and how we'll be working with them in 2020 - The manifestation is real.

And also how Ollie has used adversity in his own life to transform both his own health and the health of others in the name of his father, who sadly passed away after working himself into an early grave.

I always had a pipe-dream plan to cocreate workshops from my interviewees based on their answer to the 'ultimate workshop' question.

Now Ollie and I are actually doing it in the flesh and across the globe. Watch this space for more.