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Ep008: Steven Kuhn

Congress, Combat and Centre Stage

· Peak Performance,Entrepreneur,CEO,flow

Steven Eugene Kuhn is a decorated war veteran, adviser to the stars, entrepreneur and one of the most genuine blokes I’ve ever met.

We discuss how he lives his life with absolute Honesty, Integrity & Transparency. AKA The HIT man.

After first meeting with Steve then watching one of his FB lives on HIT, I changed a proposal in front of an executive board an hour before showtime.

As a result I beamed through the whole thing.

We dive into HIT, Steve’s magic mornings ritual which I love and hear some phenomenal stories about how he finds new frothers and turns them into buds.

We go deep on the battlefield, the importance of plant medicine and being serenaded by Mick Jagger.

A frothy life from an ultimate FROTHER.


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