• Hi, I'm Benny Wallington

    I'm a Performance & Drinking Coach.


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    For those still with us...


    I guide people on how to make alcohol align with their goals

    and aspirations - without losing the fun of it.


    I love beer.

    My favourite at the moment is Stone & Wood's Cloud Catcher.


    I work with people around the world who also love to drink,

    they just want to sharpen up their skills.


    I call this becoming a 'Smart Drinker.'


    In a nutshell- This means you respect your alcohol and respect yourself.


    My processes and accountability tools have assisted
    thousands of people make the transition.

    My work has saved jobs, relationships & even lives and I hope to impact

    a million people by the end of 2020.


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  • More information about Smart Drinking and the 101 Tokens Movement

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    For "Problem Drinkers"

    101 Tokens in 101 Seconds

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    You{R}evolution​ (Global-Online) - Kicks off January

    The Local Upgrade Bootcamp - (Gold Coast locals only) - Kicks off in March

    Smart Drinker Bootcamp (Global - Online) - Private - at your own pace or group kicking off in March

    Collaborations and partnerships - Anytime

  • Here are some words about me from people I've worked with...

    Tim Wallwork

    Brown Forman (Jack Daniels)

    "Benny carries his 101 Tokens community ethos into his workshops; the experience is super-engaging, non-judgmental, positive and encouraging. It's such a good fit with what we're trying to do with our employees, which is to simply give them pause and space to think about how they drink".

    Michelle Case

    Remote Year

    Benny lead a workshop for Remote Year, a program for professionals who travel the world while working. He introduced us to Mindful Drinking in a playful, yet respectful way that the group embraced. His quick-wit & banter ensured the group stayed engaged & really absorbed the material. Our session was very interactive and truly a delight! I’d highly recommend Benny as a work-shop leader on any subject he is a passionate about. He is a natural presenter & very talented.

    Clinton Schultz

    Psychologist and founder of Sobah Beverages

    As a health psychologist, I understand the detrimental impact alcohol misuse and overuse is having on everyday Australian's. Benny has created a powerful movement that assists Australians to form a healthier relationship with and practice of drinking. I can see it being of great benefit to many Australians who would like to establish a healthier relationship with alcohol.

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