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Ep006: Alex Brown

Beards, Brains and Collateral Beauty

· Entrepreneur,CEO,Music

Alex Brown is a Canadian born frother and pioneer to the modern day beard for men around the world.


His business, The Beard Club is a viral success with 200+ million video views and over 10 million in revenue in their first year.


As a result of this and grinding his way through his 20’s across many fields of business and life experience, Alex now spends his time cruising the world in radical party shirts meeting radical people to help them learn and grow, while he does much of the same.


We discuss the pivotal frothers in his life and how big a musical influence has been. Bands like the Beatles connect him to his past and continue to inspire his future and it’s a beautiful thing to behold.


We also take a look at Alex’s close group of anchoring mentors and their habits and traits that have inspired many of his successes.


Check out the links below for where to find everyone and everything from the discussion with a maestro.


Finding the Frothers Playlist:

Connect with Alex:

Connect with Benny:

Frothy Notes:

Paul McCartney - Let it Be (live)

Mike Dillard - Powerhouse

Hollis Carter (Cofounder BBW)

System of A Down (the classic)

Backstreet Boys - Greatest Hits / stop it.

Plastic Free Mermaid

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