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Ep007: Aldo Soligno

Raw Passion, Real Stories and Rare Lives

· photography,Media,Journalism

Aldo is a New York City based award-winning photographer and story-teller, we connected over 5 years ago working on this amazing project for people with rare diseases to lobby for their voices to be heard.


Here's a short snippet of the work he does:


Discussing a nine-month old baby that was going to be taken to soon.


“The meeting I had with the family and mother was incredible. Usually when you are the parent of a little baby you are afraid of everything, you don’t give your baby to strangers.


The mother asked if you want to keep her in your arms for a while and I said yes of course. The mother said “She will live a really brief, short life, I’m sure any experience will be an amazing experience.


So any experience I’m sure will be an amazing experience and for her to be held by someone else, to hear a different heart rate, could be a treat and a new experience. It was a mother who put a new experience in her babies life.


It was a powerful experience.”


There is Inspiration everywhere. From someone who has passed and someone so little is a beautiful reminder that we are all important in this world and we all have a role to play.


Being Italian born living in NYC, Aldo has a unique POV when it comes to his fascination for the city, but he has a keen awareness not to over-cook it and become overwhelmed.


He works for the world's biggest brands, like Ferrari and captures some of the world's most interesting stories, like LGBT rights and war torn countries.


This podcast made me feel human. It may be odd to say that, but it really is a tale about what a human who genuinely cares about other humans can do when they combine passion, skill and purpose.


All people everywhere can learn from Aldo about how to be human.

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