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Ep:023 Jessica Gale

Turning Shit into Gold

· Mindset,health,Chi,flow,entre

Jessica Gale is a whirlwind of awesome.


Well a grounded whirlwind is more appropriate and you will discover why this is appropriate when you listen to her wisdom.


She's a Chi Activator, Entrepreneur, Light Coach, an Authentic Lover of Life (Not instagram BS #liveyourbestlife) and a former radio personality from the 90's, that as you will hear, was wild and ran with the best of them.


But! almost most importantly, she's a mate of mine, a Mator if you will.


In this episode we unveil the magic on:


  • How to turn shit into gold
  • Farmers Markets being the nightclubs of the modern era
  • The real story about how Jesus got down to business
  • Running a successful garage sale without making money ;)


This is golden. Strap yourself in and get ready for a ride.


And I might be jumping the gun, but Jessica could be the biggest Frother I've had on the show so far!


Frock yeah.


Catch Jessica here: 

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