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Ep24: Amrit Sandhu

Vitality, Originality & the Wisdom of Dogs

· Entrepreneur,mindset,meditation,flow,positive impact

Amrit Sandhu or Amrit Sand'Yew' has one of the world's leading smiles and is a meditation expert, global speaker, podcast host and legendary human.

In this episode we get riffing on many ripping topics including:

  • How dogs are the ultimate Frothers
  • Speaking on and traveling the world stage
  • Universality, mysticism and meditation
  • Human Potential and how to break free

It's also worth noting that one of Amrit's favourite frothers is also one of mine.

Look out for that one as the Universe is vast, but good frothers tend to find each other amongst the madness.

I highly recommend checking out Amrit's work and feeling the froth which emanates from his being.

You can hear and see more Amrit at:

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