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Ep. 30 Dom Desmond

Buying back the rainforest

· Entrepreneur,CEO,conservation,positive impact

Once upon a time there was a podcast Recorded well over a year ago…


Long before the times of Covid,


A podcast like no other.


It brought forth a wise discussion between two longtime comrades who understood that Coke (both kinds) didn’t buy happiness.


With the epiphany under the utility belt of life they vowed not to put more shit out into the world.




Their trade included such chapters as spray painting out the front of the actual Queen’s house for disabled rights, saving endangered bird species’ by hiding them in the worlds most popular game and teaching children to avoid the Brazilian drug war, the two amicably split way.


Dom would go on to found a business destined to buy back rainforests and keep the world’s feet warm and frothy at the same time.


Listen on as they chuckle about their lives and mournfully mourn the death of one our planet’s most famous activists.


The 'said' mournfulness is actually chuckle-worthy too as that very activist is yet to die.


Well played Dom and Benny. Well played.


And with that, we implore you to go ‘forth' and change one letter.


Do it for the ‘Froth’.


It’s all we may have left…


The podcast, now with almost 2000 downloads on the sacred fruit tree and would very much appreciate an honest review.


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