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Ep014: String Nguyen


String is a multi-talented social media trailblazer. She’s notably one of the first people to make Linkedin a channel where people could go beyond the suits and resumes and into a space of authenticity and frothiness.

There’s a lot of BS online and String’s mentality of ‘show don’t tell; is a shining light on how we should show up on and off camera.

In this episode we froth out on:

  • Why Chicken is a great hook even for vegans

  • What she’s learnt after interviewing global top voices on how to lead

  • How her anchor froth is firmly rooted in Vietnamese influence

  • How impact and authenticity are cornerstones of good business and humans.

I had a lot of fun with this conversation as String flips the microphone around and asks me some incisive questions on where the Australia and the world is heading.

Round two is surely not too far away.

To connect with String you can find her at:


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